Change Picture but picture container doesn't change.


I have a ProductDetail screen, where I can browse picture and change the picture.

But in my case, it doesn't effect, though the binary in picture is saved in DB.

Please kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi tBt,

From your screen shot alone I cannot make out whether your logic is correct. Can you include the eSpace here so we can take a look?

Hi tBt.

Probably your picture is being cached... :)
Open the application in a different browser and see if it shows the picture. If yes, this is the problem.

Than you can chose to not cache the image, for example.


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Killian and Ed,

Here is my oml.

Now the picture is already shown after i not cached the image, but it only happen after I saved the binary to db.

It still not directly change after I browse the picture when I am in edit screen.

Hello tBt,

If you are using the image widget set do look the image from dBm, that's how it will work.

To show the image dynamically, probably you will have to use a component from forge. I can't remember which, but they'll exist, for sure.

If you want to do it yourself, you can convert the binary to base64 and use an expression to insert an html image tag to show using it.

Than you have to take care of the code to show the recent image or the dBm image depending the case.

Hope this helps.


Eduardo Jauch

Processing Upload...

Hello, are you looking to display the image dinamically?

What I did sometimes was these steps to show a "preview" of it:

1. Use File Upload widget for example to choose the image

2. "Temporarily" store the image in DB saving the image as binary data, after the user select the image in close the image selection popup

3. Use ajax refresh to show the image in the container ( which will point to the image that you added in DB )

4. If the user press cancel and dont want to add the image, remove it from the DB

I posted an OML, check the register screen to see what I mean,


Hi Vincent,

I think something wrong with the oml you posted.

Would you mind to upload it again ?

Thanks in advance.


Hello once again, 

I'm sorry for only answering right now but I've been really busy doing some projects here in my company,

I made an example of a working image preview here is the link for the example:


And here is the .OML so you can check it out:

OML Preview

If you need help on something tell me

(EDIT: Sorry I forgot add the Pop_Up_Editor for the window but it still contains everything you need and have a bug cause the message should be shown when you remove the image not when you close the window )



Hi Vincent,

There is cache set for 1 week... on image properties. Set to none and it will update image from db each page load.

Mykola Tkachenko wrote:

Hi Vincent,

There is cache set for 1 week... on image properties. Set to none and it will update image from db each page load.

Thanks havent thought about that ^^ awesome to know

Appreciate it


Tq Vincent :)