[IdP Mobile] IDP Mobile - How to redirect to mobile application?

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Published on 20 Mar (13 days ago) by Telmo Martins
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Published on 20 Mar (13 days ago) by Telmo Martins


I am using IdP for web authentication and I want to set it up for mobile authentication with IdP Mobile.

The problem is that I am being redirected to the web application in the InAppBrowser on the IdPMobileConnectorDemo application. What I want is for the user's session to be authenticated and redirected to the mobile application, not open my Web application in the InAppBrowser.

I am only using the Login functionality and Okta as IdP. The configuration is working fine for the web application using the IdP component. 

Should I have a different configuration for the mobile application? What should I do to solve the problem?


Hi João,

I used this IDP mobile a few weeks ago.

The way it works is, you're redirected to the Okta authentication page, and if it's successful you receive the event "LoginSuccess". The IdP mobile already logs you in (if you have that username it will login that user, otherwise it will create a new one). So if you do a getUserId() you'll have on already.

If the configuration is working on web, it should work for mobile too. 

I did some changes on the IdP module though. I changed the action PrivateMobile -> IsFromMobile to the following:

And on the assign, i have the following:

Let me know if it worked.

Otherwise, upload a sample .oml for us to understand better what's going on.