Is it possible to create an array or grid of comment boxes?


I would like to create an array of dynamic boxes, in which at least I would have a box, and at most I would have 9 boxes (in this format it would be 3x3).

For, when he runs the Preparation, he puts everything on different lines, e.g., 7 boxes, 7 lines.

Hi Nuno,

I think you will need to work with a local list, a List Record in the screen and a web block where you will put your "box" (Is it a container? An input?).

Could you clarify what are you doing in order to us to better understand and make "smarter" suggestions? 

Eduardo Jauch

I've two situations:

- w/ static entity (w/ records)

- dynamic table

In second case, I want that when the preparation runs, in web page I'll can see for example 4 boxes ( 3 in same line,  and the last in other line.

This number of box depend of entries in the table, but have the value max of 9 box.



Use a "gallery":
This way you can control the number of elements of the list you want to have per row.

Eduardo Jauch