[In-App Notifications Core] In-App Notifications Core: add a parameter for Sender

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Published on 2017-09-15 by Labs
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Published on 2017-09-15 by Labs


It would be great if the SendNotification API would have a UserId parameter for setting the Sender and not use always GetUserId(); like this we would be able to send notifications from a Timer or a Business Process (which do not run under a specific User).

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Hello Adrian,

Thank you for the feedback. 

Actually, you don't need the parameter. One of the current parameters of the SendNotification Action is the "Notification". This parameter receives a structure, and in that structure you have a field just for that.

However, there is a bug in the API, and that parameter is ignored.

We will add a fix to this issue in the next version of the component, to be released soon.


Samuel Jesus