Need to scale columns inside of web block

I have a web block with two columns, first with Width = "3 col" and the second with Width = "9 col".  Then the web block is placed within its parent page within a container with Width = "3 col".  The web block gets squished into the "3 col" parent container without scaling and the wrapping containers looks terrible.  Is there a way to get the container widths within the web block to scale?

In the example project Employee Directory, the page Employee List has a filter built on the right-hand side.  It scales within its container; however when I move the filter to a web block, it no longer scales.  I may have missed a setting somewhere or maybe this is due to the web block.

Hi David,

Can you post an example of your issue? An example eSpace and /or a set of images describing the problem?

This should help explain the situation.  Each item has its width set as shown below:

The web block is defined with 2 subsections, 3 col and 9 col width.  I would like to autoscale these to 2/3rds width col and 2-1/3rds width col when the web block is inserted into the page.  

Web block is inserted @ 3 col width and other content @ 9 col width.

The desired main page display (web block columns scale) and current main page display (web block not scaling) are shown in the last two examples.