Name no longer exists

Name no longer exists

I've created in an entity an attribute with a wrong name. Then, when trying to correct the name, I was warned that should create a second attribute, instead of renaming it. I should then erase the old attribute. However, the old did disappear, and only the new is there.
When I compile the eSpace I always get the message "Field ..(old name).. was left in the database but is no longer used in eSpace". How can I delete that old name?
I tried to create it again, and then delete. It did, but still the message keeps appearing all the time I compile it.

Any hints?


Fernando Dias
To prevent accidental data loss OutSystems Hub Edition keeps attributes in the database even after they are deleted from the eSpace.
Even thought the suggestion is harmless, it's possible to remove it by:

- Logging in SQL Server with administration privileges and drop the field manually
- Ignore the suggestion right-clicking on it on the verify window.
- If data is not yet important, it's possible to disable the tenant and delete the espace in Service Center edit espace page. After republishing the espace the suggestion will no longer appear.

When publishing the eSpace to a different server the suggestion will also disappear.

Hope this helps.