User management 

User management 


Please clarify me! In outsystems  10.0 (community version) we can not access the user management?

 I remember that we could do it in version 9.0.

How can I make tests  with multiple users with differents roles.


Hi Alberto,

I just tried this and i am able to access user management , what error you are getting ?

Hello Jain

What I get is on image

Hey Alberto,

maybe your license does not allow you to use that User Management System for Users and Roles management,

have you tried to use the Users eSpace? Go to your project, assign the "Users" as the User Provider and try to access it through http:<yourenvironment>.<aplicationname>/users



Hi Alberto,

That image is from lifetime. That screen is used to control the access of developers to change and/or create new applications, as you can check here. On Personal Edition have a single developer, so you cannot create new IT users. 

I think that you are looking for users that can use the application. As Vincent said you should use the link <yourenvironment>.<aplicationname>/users. If you want to know more about this you can check this link.

Hope this helped,


Thanks Vincent

Can you give more details how can I  execute your suggestion? 


Thanks José

It was very helpful your post. 

Hey Alberto, 

sure, basically what you want to do is to open your project in Service Studio, then select all your modules and change the User Provider to "Users" has shown in the image below.

From there you will be able now to see the Users and Roles in your Users eSpace. 

To access the users eSpace just follow the URL we provided before for example: 


example: ( attention this may change depending on your environment name )

Hope it helps

Vincent Colpa

Thanks a lot Vicent