I have some ASP / VBScript routines that I'd like to use in some OutSystems processing. How can I do it? Do I need to convert all of them to Javascript? :-(

Fernando Dias
To use VBScript you'll have to use an Expression widget with the Escape Content propert set to No.
You'll need to double escape " in expression content:

Function CanDeliver(Dt)
CanDeliver = (CDate(Dt) - Now()) > 2
End Function

This can only be used for client side scripts. ASP server side scripts are not supported.

Thanks for your answer.
I can't get it working! :-)

This is what I've typed:
response.write xpto & "" World""
response.write ""<br>Once Again""

The result is... nothing! Neither from the first response nor from the second.
I only get a runtime error from the browser, stating "object required: response"

What am I missing?

That seems server side scripting and server side scripting is not allowed in OutSystems Hub Edition applications.

You can use document.write() however.
Yes, it is server side. As OutSystems generates aspx pages, I thought it would be possible to add extra asp code... :-(

With your hint, it works.