How to populate editable table using list


I have two tables Table1 and Table2. Reltionship between these tables is one(table1) to many(table2)

I have an add new form for table1. 

In that I want to use editable table to create Table2 records

I have a variable for Table1 and Table2. Table2 variable holds list.

Could any one help me how to do that?

Hi Sekar,

Is there anything particular you don't know how to handle? Do you want Table2 data to be filled in even when Table1 data is not yet filled?


Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply, I got some errors when i tried to populate editable table using list.

Now i figured it out. thanks for the reply Kilian.


Hi Sekar,

Great to hear you figured it out on your own :).