Multi-Tenant Management without AOs


Iam using the multi-tenant resource of Outsystems with success in my application. To manage the new tenants and the users I use the forge component TenantManagement. However this component consumes 15 application objects. Is there some native Outsystems way (like Users or ServiceCenter for example) with free AOs to manager multi-tenants ? Now I'm using the free personnel account.

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Hi Roberto,

You can create and disable/enable tenants on service center, but you cannot manage users on each tenant, As far as I know there is no system component to do that so you always need to develop something by your self or use the application that you are already using.


Hi Ana,

Thanks for your immediate response. I enter in the ServiceCenter and find how to create tenants. But really I also saw that the native Users don't shows the users created by TenantManagement forge component. I understood. However, I think that if multinenant is an important resource offered by OS, the client do not must pay any additional value, neither spent some effort to build a software.

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Hi Robert,

The Users module can manage users created by TenantManagement, you just need to create a administrator for each tenant and login with that administrator in Users.
Each administrator can administrate his own tenant, but there is no out of the box tool that allows administrating all the tenants because that requires customization depending on how you want to manage your tenants. This customization is an extra value built on top of the product.

The forge component serves only as a sample of what can be done and is based on the official technote on how to use multi tenancy. The most important part of that component is probably just the creation of tenant and the administrator user. If you want to reduce the amount of AO's you can just remove the rest of it or integrate that behavior in another module you already have.

João Rosado

Hi João,

Thanks for your guided!!  Following your tips, I get access the tenant users through the native Users application, logging with the admin account created by TenantManagement. Is it possible this tenant admin be created by Users application instead of TenantManagement forge?

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It is not, you need to create the new administrator yourself, either in TenantManagement or another module that you create with to have that logic.

João Rosado