Setting Push Notification to Expire using PushWoosh

Hello everyone.

I am using the PushWoosh Plug in. I have everything working. I am just wondering if I could set the expiration time of a notification. In the Pushwoosh application (, you can set period of time it can be seen (as seen in the picture).I don't know exactly how to implement this using the existing plugin. I need this because I don't want to receive all the notifications that I have missed when I was offline. Message me you have an idea. Thanks in advance. 

Hello Elizabeth.

Sorry for the late reply

According to the pushwoosh documentation (createmessage api), there are different fields to set the Time To Live (ttl) of a message for Android and iOS:

  • Android: android_gcm_ttl
  • iOS: mac_ttl

Using the Pushwoosh plugin, you have to set the fields in the Request structure:

Android_gcm_ttl and Ios_ttl.

Let me know if it helps.