Locked out from Users eSapce after setting users as INACTIVE


I was locked out of the Users eSpace and cannot login again. I've tried the hints here: Reset Users Authentication Preferences, but my situation seems to be different. 

What I did was to set as INACTIVE all users (I only had two), including myself (stupid move... I guess) and now I get the message "Invalid user name or password". 

Thanks in advance for your support! 


Version 10.0.611.0 



I cant test right now, but I think you can solve this this way.

1. Create a new application with responsive module. All screens must be anonymous.

2 scaffold the user table (from system) twice

3 in the aggregates Change the filter to return all users, not only the active.

Publish, enter your application, go to the detail of your users, enable them and save.

Hope it helps :)


Eduardo Jauch


Hi Gaby,

The suggestion from Eduardo should work and is probably the easiest. The Users entity from the system module is where your end users are stored. So you can update the entity if you want to change stuff like active/inactive or password.

Keep in mind when you want to change the password that you also use the action: EncryptPassword from the Users modules. OutSystems saves the password of the Users Encrypted.

Best Regards,
Martijn Habraken

Eduardo, Martijn!! thanks a lot for your replies.

I will try it after doing the tutorial on Scaffolding since I haven't reached there yet :0