I need some help with a multitenant espace working with SMS flows.

Example: (Since this espace must be able to function for several companies I made it a multitenant). An administrator for company XXXXX must start the Quiz game by sending a message like 'GM start'. Then, the application must send questions to all users configured for that tenant. The user must give the right answer to win the game. The user who finishes in less time wins.

Can you give me some ideas on how the "Administrator" identifies the tenant that he wants?

How can the users respond to the question without having to identify the tenant?

Thanks in advance
To do this you can use interactive SMS's.
1 - Create a wait message that expects GM start
2 -This pattern will run an action that queries users and will send an isms for each user.
3 - The iSMS is sent to start a different session with the quiz users.

We call this inter-session patterns and you could also start the quiz with a web button (maybe it would be a better idea).

Tenant data is completely independent. SMS sessions are based on user phones, so each user phone could only be registered in a tenant.
Note that you'll need a back office to create users.

It's easier said than done so I'll attach an example.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask us.