Hi all,

Since a couple of months it's possible to deploy apps using the LifeTime Deployment API.

I now started to check if it is also possible to include the configuration and generation of the mobile apps in the LifeTime Deployment API?

I know that the generator kicks off automatically after the app generator has been configured once, but I'm looking at the possibilities to configure and generate from an API/commandline/system function.

Hi Remco,

There isn't a way to config mobile apps via APIs at the moment. 

Would it be something you would want to see there?


José Ramalho

Hi José,

Yes, it would be a nice functionality to complete the LifeTime Deployment API. You can now use external systems to deploy applications, but after deploying a mobile app you can't build it from an external system.

It would be mandatory to be able to fetch the latest generated binary after generating the mobile app so you can create a script to upload the binary to for instance VMWare AirWatch to push it directly to different mobile devices.

This way you can create a fully automated deployment street for mobile apps too.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga