Barcode Displaying With web pages

In a project we are developing, there was the need to generate barcodes in web pages for printing processes sheets. The objective was to access that process later using a barcode reader.

We analized several options, but the most adequate for this environment was using a barcode True Type Font and defining a style for the Process Numbers. Of course there is the need to install the font in the computers using the browser application, but inside an intranet environment that is not a problem.

The style would be defined as:
font: Z: BarCode 3of 9;

The font necessary is in attachement.

Most of the bar codes use start, stop and checksum characters.
In these cases, the string to be displayed with the bar code font must be transformed using the appropriate specification.

The following link presents the specification of the widely used Code 128.
I know this is and old post, but I found a workarround that I think is still useful for the comunity.

I use barcodes in my apps, and because we are expanding outside our intranet, barcodes were not properly displayed as barcode-font is missing in other machines.
I found a great solution, by using javascript and converted barcodefont to gliphs.
All you need to do is to reference two js files in your resources, typeface.js and your converted barcode font, add both files in the page's preparation throught HTTPRequestHandler/AddJavaScriptTag and finally apply the typeface-js class style to your already barcoded data. The barcode will be drawn by the browser as if the font were installed!
Details in typeface.
Hi Santiago,

That was a good solution!

It would be great if you could make an application and publish it in forge. This way you'll be contributing with the comunnity. ;)

Breno Nico

Hi Breno,
I need to check our licence details first (O_o), but if I can, I'll work on an example for the community.
Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing, Santiago!
Breno, note that, if you're looking for a pre-built component, you can use the ZXing component from the Forge.
Just publish to forge two elements: an extension to encode data in code 128 format and an app to demonstrate how to render any font without having to install in end-user machine.
Hope this will help!

I tried once to do it with a protected font and couldn't receive it from the site. Needed it installed in my pc. I'll surely see how you did it. Thanks!