I have a case, when I click a button on screen, and do ajax submit, the value on grid table is gone, but not all. The id and the checkbox value is still there.

Any idea ?

Hi tBt,

In general, the most likely cause for that behaviour (missing values) is that those values are not used. Optimisations done by OutSystems will make values that are not used as null or empty in the debugger.

In your case, in the logic that you have, only the values of the Id and the Boolean are used in ForEach. Thus, it seems that, since the other values are not used, they don't show up in the debugger.




Hi José,

Nvm, I think I've solved it.

It is because the aggregate in preparation not using proper sorting entity, because I copy from another aggregate.

When I tried to build from scratch, the value on grid not gone anymore.