[ACME Styleguide] It's not working

[ACME Styleguide] It's not working

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Published on 2016-05-12 by Rúben Gonçalves
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Published on 2016-05-12 by Rúben Gonçalves

The Try it now button returns a 404 and when I downloaded the oap the layout is not adapting to the screen size.

Hi Hélio!

I've just installed the oap in my personal environment and I think it's working fine. 


Can you test and if it's not working can you provide a few more details about the problem?

Regarding the "try it now" button the URL is wrong, I'm going to see if I'm able to update the URL.



Hello Alexandre!

When you try to create a new application with the template it has a very strange behaviour, I can't send you a screenshot right now but let me know if you need it.

If you can send the screenshot it will be easier to understand the problem.

I've just tried to create a new application and seems to be working fine.

Just as a quick check, do you have the Device Emulation cookie set to true?

Hi Hélio! Just updated the URL of the "Try now" button. ;)


Can you release a P10 version?