Is it possible to combine the Google Drive Connector with the Google Plus Login?

Hi I'm investigation a solution for a new project sizing.

The customer requirements are:

  1. Create a mobile app for Android devices only
  2. Login with Google: I've got that part covered in my prototype
  3. Take pictures and store the local: No problem here.
  4. Upload the pictures to the Google drive of the User from within the mobile app

I noticed that Google provides a Android API for Google Drive and that the Google Drive Connector uses REST api's. 

Q: Is it feasible to combine these components in a mobile solution?

Hi Paul.

Google Drive Connector doesn't work for mobile. It can be changed to use Google Core authentication, which is the centralized authenticator module used by Google Login Plugin. After those changes it will probably work. We have that change on our backlog.

However, even after those changes, the Google Drive Connector is designed for web performance and not mobile, so, i would recommend you to take a look at a cordova plugin for that. For example this one:


Hi Fracisco,

Thanks for your clear reply and plugin suggestion. I'll check it out.

Best regards,