moduleservices 403 Forbidden


I'm trying developing Mobile App.

When I open my app in Browser, it shows this error: "There was an error processing your request."

Also developer tool in Chrome shows "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) /myAppName/moduleservices/moduleinfo".

If you know cause of the problem, could you let me know that?

Thank you for your insights.

Hello Mio,

When you have an error like this: "There was an error processing your request", usually the error with a more complete message and stack is stored in the logs of the platform.

Could you go to ServiceCenter and look into the logs error for your application and put it here so we can understand better the problem?

Also, are you logged in when you are trying to access this page?
The user have the required roles?

Eduardo Jauch

Hello Mio

Mobile apps uses rest services to get server data. This rest service needs an SSL connection. So check if you have an valid SSL certificate on your server.

You can check it by trying to acces your application with the 'https' request and not getting an certificate warning (also in other browsers if you already accepted that url as 'safe' in you current browser).

Kind regards,



Hello everyone.

I could open my App in Browser without error after I updated my Outsystems' version to 10.0.611.0.

Thank you for answering.