How to get array dat list

How to get array dat list


Do you know to get array data but every 10 datas it will be refresh not directly get all data.

Where I retrieve data from REST API.

This is my Action


Imas Deny

The only way to do that is if your rest API have input parameters to define, for example, number of items per "page" and page number to retrieve.

If the API don't has this parameters, there is no way to do pagination.


Eduardo Jauch

Or you could write a timer to gather the data from the API daily.
Then use your own database in the application instead. (assuming you don't need live data)



Hi Eduardo,

I try to retrieve data directly from REST API

There is another solution for this?



Hello imas,

If your data is accessible only by REST API, you have to use it. If data is stored in a database your application have access directly, you could perform an sql to retrieve the info.

But I'm assuming you have the first situation, right?

When you consume the REST, which Actions are created and with which parameters?


Eduardo Jauch

If the problem is just how to show in screen, the result of the REST is probably a list, right? 

In this case, in the List Record in the screen, you set the Line number property to 10, and use pagination.

You can watch this to learn how to apply pagination to a list.


Eduardo Jauch