Change on Combo box value change in List records


I need to change the number of list records on change of value of combo box (used as drop-down), how we can implement this need to filter list records either using ajax or from either page load , please help me and give me some example for the same....

Please tell step by step process  

Hi Adarsh,

You can change the source list of the List Records and Ajax refresh the List Records. Of the top of my head I don't know whether you also need to explicitly assign the source list again to the List Records, you'd have to try.

As for filtering a list, there's the ListFilter system action you could use. If you need different filters based on the value of the combo box, you may need a single source list, and assign the output of the filter to the List Records (or a local variable, a bit depending on what the ListRecords need, see above). Also, if ListFilter doesn't provide enough power, you may need to just loop over the source list and create a second list.

Note however that in general you'd want to solve this using a query, but if you get your data not from the database but from a REST service, filtering is the way to go.

Hey , i am not able to do the same in my project attaching the same , in  my Typical HTML page i have added a drop-down menu with numbered option and according to this drop-down change the number of lines of List records dynamically in the same, please help me in the same , and if possible please do the change and send it to me.

Thank you


If what you want is to change the number of lines in the list records, do like this:

1. Create a integer variable.

2. Associate with the combo receive the value.

3. Use this variable in the LineCount property of the list/table records.

4. In the OnChange of the combo box, refresh the List Records


Hi Adarsh, I am attaching herewith test oml, Please have a look. It may help you in what you are looking for.