Separating BPT Process from Entities

Best practices recommend keeping entities as read-only and provide public actions to manage the data. I have the main entities in an espace, with public actions. UI in a separate espace(s)

The 4-layer architecture approach recommends putting processes at the orchestration layer, and core business entities in the core layer.

However, when trying to build process flows, I'm not able to trigger on Create and Update events on the entity because the actions need to be exposed.

Putting the process in the espace containing the entities is not workable, as using a HumanActivity and setting a Destination requires referencing a screen in a higher layer, creating a circular reference.

The BPT masterclass does not go into detail as to how to properly architect this.

Any suggestions on how to do this?



Enable the Expose Process Events property in the related entity (core/producer). You can find it by double-clicking the entity, under tab Advanced.

After publishing the core eSpace, go to the enduser/consumer eSpace and refresh references. You should be able to use events then.


Awesome! just what was needed. Thanks