Accordion Issues [SILK UI]

Hey Guys,

Having a few problems with the accordion web block. Please refer to the screenshots below:

Issue 1:

When I type something into an input value and click away from it the refresh button appears (which it should) but when I close the div the refresh button remains in the same place - how can I fix this?

Issue 2:

If I open a page - how can I set the first div of the accordion to remain open as default instead of closed. I'm assuming java-script is going to have to play a role?

Kind Regards,



Hi Werner,

I use this script to open one accordion item automatically on open the page:

    $(""#"+ItemsList.Id+""").find("".AccordionVertical__header:eq(" + LineToOpen +")"").click();  

Where the ItemsList.Id is the id of the List Records that have the items. And LineToOpen is the number of line.

Eduardo Jauch