unable to connect google with my site

Hi everyone,

i am creating this mobile app using silk UI mobile and im new to outsystems. I wasnt able to link my apps link with an external website and with many form messages and outsystems feedback i got to know that the website is not linked with https and has a link with http so my app couldnt connect the external website.

Today I tried linking it with google and i couldnt. Now google is hosted with https:// so why couldnt it open google.com ? attached is the oml of the app. I tried to connect the bottom bar tab "newsletter" with it.  Could anyone please tell whats the problem :( as im getting tired with it now.




Google includes a "x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN" header in the html response, which prevents it from being used in iframes from another domain. This is a security feature to avoid clickjacking attacks.