Different Espaces share the same login

Hello All,

I have two espaces that are deployed to the same zone when I login to one espace the other is automatically logged in, can I separate the login of both so when I login to one I still need to login to the other?


Haitham Mohammed

Hello Haitham,

If you are using the same "Users Provider" on both eSpaces, they will share the same users and if it log in, it is logged on all. 

To change this behavior, a possibility is to give different user providersfor each eSpace. This way, it will have to login on each eSpace. 

Also, if your application does not accept cookies, the Single Sign On will not work (and you will achieve what you want).

But I would ask myself if this is really something needed.
What is the purpose of not allow the user to use the Single Sign On system?

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

Actually after I disabled cookies, the application is generating a new session id every time I access a web page which makes the login not working properly.

When I login to a web page then access this page again, the login session is terminated. Is that the correct behavior or I am missing something here?


Haitham Mohammed

Hi, I think it is the correct behavior, as the session identifier, I think, is stored in cookies.

See here: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Cookie_Usage_in_Web_Applications

So, it seems a bad idea to not allow cookies...

The other way around seems really to use different user providers. Different user providers means that the application will look, in fact, to different users (even if the user login is the same). This way seems the best way to achieve what you desire. 

But you would have to create the user on each UserProvider. 

Eduardo Jauch


Exactly like Eduardo said, it will depend on the goal you want to achieve.

If you want to use the same User provider, the eSpace "Use Cookies" property should be set to False, keeping the same user provider on both eSpaces.

Otherwise, just choose your different User Provider for each eSpace.

Take a look at this article to get more details: