How to test for session timeout on the web and for a mobile device (Outsystems 10)


I need to see if a session has timed out. if the session has timed out, I want to give the user an user friendly message to explain why he/she was redirected to the login screen.

How do I test whether the session has timed out on Outsystems 10?

1. On the web

2. For a mobile device

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You can take a look here:

Hope it helps.


Eduardo Jauch

P.S. mobile in P10 (native) doesn't have session mechanism.


Isn't there a way to test if the session has timed out without using third party components which are not supported by Outsystems?

I prefer to use components supported by Outsystems.



Hello Anneliese,

The link is not to a component.

It is for an application that shows how to do that. It doesn't have dependencies, so it is 100% OutSystems (with maybe some JavaScript).

You can install and look the code to learn how to deal with this issue.


Eduardo Jauch