TIP: Exploring the power of extended properties editor

TIP: Exploring the power of extended properties editor

The new version (2.2) of Hub Edition has included in all of web widgets an extended properties editor that allows you to add JavaScript logic to a screen, to the whole espace, or to an HTML element.

Using the extended properties editor you can also add properties to the web widget's HTML tag (see Web widgets and HTML tags Help Topic). Although you have pre-defined properties in the Editor like onchange, onclick, etc, you can write any property you like, as long as the HTML tag of the widget supports it.

A very used example is the target property on links that can be added with the value "_blank" to open links in new windows.

You can also use the extended properties editor window to replace some of the static properties like the style of the widget. Lets imagine you want the expression to have a different style depending on either it is true or false. You can add a class property on the Extended Properties editor that maps to FormatBoolean(Expression,"StyleTrue","StyleFalse"). You should leave the original Style property to (none).

For more information about the Extended Properties editor please check service studio help topic Extended Properties editor.