Popup window to input comments

Popup window to input comments


I'd like to open a popup window when the user can click on a button, to input comments. I've seen a sample, where a windows is opened, but then it only displays a Yes/No button. I'd like to have a text box to input comments which would be added to the database record.
Something like, a user has two buttons to approve/disapprove in each displayed table record, and the comments would be added to the same record displayed.

Is that possible?

Thanks for any help

Fernando Dias
Attached to this post is a sample that has a behavior as the one you need.
The first page contains a list of employees and when the user clicks on the link next to the employee name it will pop up a window. This window allows the user to update the employee's data. When updating data the employee database record is updated.
Hope this helps you.
Best regards,
Cláudia Macedo

Thank you very much for your sample. Yes, that's exactly what I needed and helped a lot.