Using Screen Title in Expression Editor

I have a mobile screen that includes a mobile web block for application logging. One of the parameters of this mobile block is the screen title.

How can I set the value of this parameter with the screen title?

I investigate a little further and I find out that:
* At Screen Preparation, using Expression Editor, it is available a variable named ScreenName.Title, that has the mobile screen title.
* When I use Expression Editor to define a expression to the mobile web block parameter, this variable is not available.

Why is the screen title only available at screen preparation? What is the reason of the restricted scope?

Thanks in advance,

-- Luís Costa

Hello Luis,

There is no real structural reason for the MobileWScreen.Title not to be visible during screen rendering. It's simply a missing feature that we should look into including in a future release.

In the meantime, may I suggest that you assign the Title to a temporary Local Variable during preparation for usage during screen rendering as means of a workaround?

Thank you very much for pointing this one out.


Miguel Melo