How can I create an empty cell?

How can I create an empty cell?

Hello! Can anyone help me?

Any time I create a table, OS adds extra lines inside the cells! How can I create an empty cell? I've checked opening the resulting aspx page with a text editor, there's extra "<p>" or "<br />"!!!!

How can I delete those extra lines, or go "inside" the code, to get rid of them?

Thanks for any help.

Fernando Dias
Dear Fernando:

I am not sure what you mean exactly but here are some tips that might help you while editing table and other objects in OutSystems Service Studio.

The first and most important one is to use the ¶ button on the toolbar to display the invisible codes inside a page. This way you will be able to see all the hidden <br> <div> and <p> inside your page without needing to go "inside" the code.

The second thing is to use the contextual widget selector on the bottom of the editor to select the several elements that surround your current espace. If you have a paragraph in a cell the symbol ¶ will appear and, if you select it, you can delete it.

The fact that table cells sometime have extra lines and paragraphs inside them is, in fact, sometimes necessary to correctly display the cell in the proper manner. Internet explorer will not render cells that have no content (<td></td>) nor will it apply the correct style. So if you have this kind of problems you actually have to place a space or a line break inside the cells.

I hope this helps. If you still have doubts please post an OML with the problem you are having so we can have a look.

Best regards

Thanks Miguel!

The paragraph symbol is the key! That's exactly the "inside" I'd like to see...

Thanks for your help