[Google Analytics Plugin] Questions about configuration per environment

[Google Analytics Plugin] Questions about configuration per environment

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Published on 2016-12-12 by OutSystems Experts
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Published on 2016-12-12 by OutSystems Experts

For our mobile app, we are integrating Google Analytics and using the Google Analytics mobile plugin.

Currently, our situation is:  

- Following the Google analytics plugin documentation I have created in Google analytics 1 account with 1 Property with 1 TrackingId. The documentation says to configure this TrackingId hardcoded in your mobile app by using client action 'StartTrackingWithId' in application OnReady event. 

-  For use of other plugins I have configured 3 Google projects with google cloud messaging and Firebase enabled for different environments: 1. Dev-Test, 2. Acc, 3. Prod. In the Google analytics environment I can also configure 'Properties' directly for these Google projects. They however do not get a TrackingId. 

My questions: 

-  Do I need to specify 1 TrackingId per OutSystems environment? I want to make sure that the analytics report receives only data from Prod (not dev, test, acc environments).
- Do the Firebase project app properties have any relevance here? Or does analytics for Firebase project apps only apply for non-OutSystems apps where the Android SDK can be integrated directly?

Hopefully you can help.

Hi Jordy,

I have some information that might help you.
The Firebase app in Google Analytics account projects setup is something very recent. When this plugin was first released those kind of apps had a different configuration. I believe this plugin does not work with that Firebase app setup, but I know it works with the other option. I believe it is Web application, but it works because OutSystems doesn't provide native apps but hybrid ones.

Currently this is the best explanation I can provide. But if it is too confusing or doesn't help please tell me so that I can provide a better one once I have time and access to the account were I have it working.