Outsystems Screen too Tiny

I'm using Dell XPS 13 2016 model

and my screen is really tiny. I'm using

Hi David,

I'm almost sure you are using a notebook with a resolution much bigger than the FULL HD. What is the resolution? 3200 x 1800 pixels? 4K?

If it is the case, you have two options (to start). 

First is to reduce the resolution.
Second is to try to change the windows display configuration to increase the font size so everything will looks "bigger". 

As a workaround you can zoom in and out everything related to logic and expressions, but not the screens itself.

I never saw in the Service Studio interface any configuration relative to the fonts. With the rise of the High Hesolution monitors (like 4K), this will be a more common problem (I already had this issue with an older software). So, the recomendation is that no one "hard code" the font size used in a software so that it will be configurable.

Sometimes, the fonte size of a program can be set in the registry or some configuration file, but than only OutSystems can tell.

Hope this helps.

Eduardo Jauch


Hi David,

Given how outdated that version of Service Studio is (latest 9.0.0.* version is almost 2 1/2 years old, and yours is older), I'm pretty sure it doesn't support HiDPI screens, which means the only option you have is to change the resolution of your screen to a lower resolution (for instance 1920x1080).

More recent versions of Service Studio have been improving support for HiDPI screens. I know the latest version of Service Studio 10, behave nicely in such a setup. Service Studio will honor Windows configurations and zoom UI elements according to the UI zoom factor of Windows.