Hello All,

I have an ESpace that is accessible by users who are in the database and other users on active directory, the user should choose which authentication to use when login to the application, so I need to implement both FBA and active directory authentication on the same espace. Is that possible? Is there solution to achieve this scenario.


Haitham Mohammed

Hi Haitham,

You will need to change the login screen of your applications, so that the Login screen action takes into account the kind of authentication selected...

OutSystems standard login (credentials stored in the database) can be achieved by using the System's LoginPassword action. For AD authentication you will probably be able to use the Users_Login action from the Users application, but depending on your precise requirements, you may want to examine how the Users_Login action is implemented and copy the relevant bits to your own action that only authenticates on AD and in the end executes the System's Login action.