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Hello. Can somebody en light me!!

In a action to change a picture (see above) the attributes of the entitie are changed (updated) in point A or point B ?  because after change the picture (all 3 attributes) I expected that the update occurs in point A and the ajax action refresh for the new picture !!??? I am not seen the problem !! (I have already made that in the past!!)

Please Help.


Hi Alberto,

The problem with updating the image is usually the browser cache.
Try to set the Image widget in the screen to not have cache and see if it starts to update the image when refreshing the page.

Eduardo Jauch


Hello Eduardo

Thanks for your huge contribution, but the screen have no cache. You helped a lot because during write this answer i not that I had not made the right assigns. Monday!!!    



So, I didn't anything?
Glad I was able to help ;)

Mondays... lol

Eduardo Jauch