Adding custom field


Can outsystem cater adding custom field? Like for an instance, we have a table Project and they would like to add another field from its table and should be available when displayed. Though we know the script in adding new field in sql which can be applied in advanced query. But will the custom field be automatically created or available in service studio?

Hi Diana,

As far as I know, it is not possible to dynamically add new Attributes to an Entity (or Columns in a database Table, if you prefer). The SQL tool does not allow changing the structure of the database (using SQL's DDL statements).

The next best thing would be to have a new Entity named ProjectField for instance with Attributes: ProjectId, FieldName and FieldValue. That way you could display the dynamic list of Project fields... would this answer your requirements? 

Jorge Martins wrote:

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for the response, this helps!