Access SSRS report using outsystems


i am planning to create a report in SSRS and access the report using outsystems.  I would like to know whether this is possible.  




Not that it's easy to find out, but not everyone knows what SSRS stands for.

Regarding your question, what do you mean by if it's possible?

First of all, if you want to integrate with external services I suggest to use Google and look for "SSRS REST API" for example...

so you need to expose Rest-webservices for the report, so that is possible.

or do you mean, trigger to generate a report with a button in Outsystems,

so either way it's possible.

Hope it helps

Hi Ryoto,

You might also want to check this old thread.

OutSystems can show the SSRS report if you give it the right link. I've worked with SSRS and did a few things with iframes that used that link. (sorry, don't have it anymore, but I'll ask).

Maybe you also want to use SSRS to read OS database. That part can be trickier as the name change when you deploy changes. The ideal would be to do an external DB for the data, SSRS would read it directly with dataset and OS through integration studio.


Have published a new forge component for viewing SSRS Reports