Password Change through User_Update method not affecting soon.

Hi team,

I have create a Forget Password approach by passing users email and get it details through

that. I have used a Specific tenant user email and get it information of that user through that. from 

User Table.Later i have used User_update method to update the user password to new given password.

Problem i have faced is new password updated is not reflecting some time some time it is aking 2 hour or hour is there any way to reduce it or solution.

Hi Mohammed,

The User_Update action (if you are using the one from Users module) is synchronous. It should not have any delay like you are experiencing. 

What do you mean by not reflecting? Is the user not able to login with the new password right after the reset?

I notice you are doing a tenant switch so I am assuming this is a multi-tenant application and but the email is unique cross all tenants. That is important to be sure you are switching to the current tenant. Otherwise you may be updating a different user.


Hi Mohammed,

you can use  CommitTransaction method after User_Update action.