[InAppBrowser Plugin] Http on ios

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Published on 2018-09-26 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2018-09-26 by OutSystems R&D


I have an app for test in this app i used some links with http and https, on ios with the outsystems now, and works fine.

Then i made the certificate, and tryed in develop mode, and the links with have the https works fine, the links that have http, i recieve an error "Load Error" and the page is not opening.

I configured that to open with the inappbrowser option, and i get this problem...

When i tryed with the system option all works fine.

Thank you

Hello, Tiago,

From your description, it seems like you stumbled across Gonçalo's suggestion on this post, to use the SYSTEM option.

Any reason you have to use the INAPPBROWSER option? Can't the links you used be changed to have https:// ?

Best regards,

Carlos Simões