Integration studio login error. Can't figure this out.

I can't open an environment in tthe Integration Studio. All my attempts give the error: "Error connection to server. Value cannot be null. Parameter name source"

There doesn't seem to be anything for me to change. I can only enter the environment, username, and password. I've used the integration studio before, so I know it should work. 

Sorry I don't have more information to offer, but that's the problem! 



Can you connect to the environment in Service Studio?

Is it a Personal Environment that went to sleep?

What Eduardo said and, if not, can you test the address in some other way (browser, ping, etc)?

The mentioned error happens when the specified host cannot be found. The error message should be changed so more (and actual) feedback is provided.

If anyone finds this in the future, I had this problem and was able to resolve it when I realized I needed to remove the "https://" from the environment URL.