Asking ideas for pushing data / notification from server to mobile

Hi all,

I am working on a mobile app which let's the customer to queue up for the service. 

A user clicks the "queue" button to request the service and the server will notify the user immediately when the service is available for the user.

I am thinking of the better solution to achieve the status update from the server. I got some ideas, which are polling (which refreshes the status every 5-10 seconds) & websocket with and any push notification with data service (actually I don't know if it works).

Please give me some ideas or pros & cons of my thinking and thanks.

I am using platform version 10 & my working environment is in cloud.

Peter Chan

I suggest to check out some forge components.

Hi. Have you found the solution? I have a similar problem and I'll appreciate if you can share what you found.

I also have a similar need, and I was just about to start looking for best practices.  I'm creating a customer support function where mobile users will queue up for service, and customer support reps will use a Web screen to select and service those requests from the mobile users.  The reps will need to be able to view the queue, which is updating in real-time, so they can respond promptly to support requests.  When the rep accepts a support ticket, the server needs to notify the mobile app and initiate a real-time dialogue.  I'll check out the in-app-notifications components to see if they will work for my needs.  Other ideas are also welcome.  Thanks!

  -- Joel