reappearing feedback message problem during and after login

when making use of the User_Login (from 'Users' eSpace) server action, in a scenario where after a initial failure to login the popup feedback message appears with the text:

  • invalid username and/or password

and second time one has a succesfull login, and rigth after that clicks on the MyInfo icon (upper right corner, next to Logout icon)  one sees reappear this same feedback message.  A bug?

Also when one initially fails to login and after that merely refreshes the browserpage (without hitting a button that might trigger the User_Login server action or filling in a password) one sees this same feedback message reappear. Repeating this one gets locked out from several minutes up to 60 minutes.

Just tested on my own Personal Environment, and it doesn't happen as you've described.

Have tried with a brand new application?

Indeed. Then it doesn't happen. But at the same time I experience that if you refresh the whole browser login page (after an initial false login) it counts this as a new login-attempt. Such behaviour lies in my case at the base of showing this popup feedback message even after successful login.