The importance of Warnings and Reminders in Service Studio

The importance of Warnings and Reminders in Service Studio

Warnings in Service Studio are important. As a matter of course they should not be ignored as they provide invaluable information on the coherence of your eSpace.

Sometimes, however, it is possible that the business logic requires you to consciously implement something in a way that may sound suspicious to Service Studio. In this case, you may find that the display of these warnings (which you know are not pertinent) can distract you from the appearance of new ones, which manifest a real problem on your eSpace that should be addressed.

To help the developer in these cases, Service Studio gives you the power of hiding select warnings: to do this, after the Verify operation completes, simply Right-click on any warning and select “Hide this warning”. This will mask the specific warning pointed at, not all warnings of this type, on all subsequent verifications of this eSpace.

You will notice that, as soon as you have any number of warnings hidden, a new entry (that also shows up as a warning) will appear in the Verify window telling you “Hidden warnings” exist. If you Right-click on this special warning you will be able to “Show hidden warnings”, which will bring back all the warnings you have masked out.

While we are in the subject of warnings, we should mention the Reminder feature. On any flow, you can include Comment nodes, which provide functionality akin to Post-it notes for anyone that is looking into that flow. These nodes have a property “Is reminder” that, when set to Yes, will make the comment’s text show up in the Verify window every time you validate your eSpace. This is very handy both as a form of communication on multi-developer scenarios and as a “To Do” notification. Reminders, unlike warnings, can never be hidden: if you don’t need it any more, simply set “Is reminder” back to “No”.