OutSystems Community Vision, Mission and Values

OutSystems Community Vision, Mission and Values

The world is changing rapidly. A few years ago, artificial intelligence was no more than a fictional HAL 9000 in Space Odyssey. Today, we have Alexas and Peppers, and apps that mix real universes with virtual ones. At OutSystems, our goal is to keep pace with this ever-changing world. More than that, we strive to be one step ahead. 

Mission and Vision

OutSystems has thousands of users spread over all five continents. The OutSystems Community is the place where they all converge to share ideas and knowledge. Our mission is to support the growth of our users and provide a creative environment to help developers transform their ideas into apps. At the same time, the conversations in this online space inspires us to develop a better product that fits the needs of all OutSystems users.



On the path to accomplishing our mission, a few values light the way: 

  • Creativity. Innovative ideas enable us to move forward. Humans didn’t invent the wheel without thinking outside of the box.  

  • Passion. As Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” There’s no better motivation.  

  • Collaboration. Working together to achieve the same goal is the essence of a community.     

  • Quality. Follow your ideas. Do whatever you want. But do it with excellence. 

  • Respect. Treat Community members and their work, different perspectives, and freedom of speech with courtesy, deference, and reverence. 

  • Diversity. When you gather different people, of differing ethnicity, genders, races and religions, you’ve created the basis for a true library of knowledge. 

Note: Many thanks to our MVPs for helping us develop our vision, mission and values.