I have a requirement for Forgot password.

I have referred PasswordManager and I am able to change the password

But after this, if I am using that user and 'newly changed password' I am getting error as 'Invalid Permission'

for those pages which were having permission for that user.

Please look into this.

Hi Hemlata,

Invalid permission is a problem with the user not having roles or trying to access a page without being logged in (in general).

Your image is not enough to tell the problem (for me at least).

Check if the user still have the role require.

If he has, check if you are updating the password, because it seems by the image that the assign after the encrypt password is empty. If it is this, the password will not be updated.

Please, show the content of the assign.


Eduardo Jauch

Hello Hemlata,

Did you found the problem?


Eduardo Jauch


We have tried a workaround