Background Image

Using the Style Sheet, how can I insert a background image?
The parameter should be "background-image:url(Picture.jpg);", or "background-image:Picture;", after inserting the "Picture" in Images.
None works :-(
Dear Fernando Dias,

Your suggestions are correct, you simply need to prefix the image filename with "img/" on the URL version of the background-image style attribute.

So if you have added image "outsystems.gif" to your espace, on the screen you require the background, go into the Extended Properties and set property style to Value


You will see the image will now show up on that application screen.


Thanks Miguel

That was not exactly what I needed, but use the image as a background to a table, to create a banner. So I added the "img/", in the style sheet, to the table cell properties, and it works!

Thank you for your help