Q: How to make graphs?

Q: How to make graphs?


For management information I have to make some reports; and it would be nice to have some kind of graphs.
Like the ones made in the servicecenter. Is there some description how to do that ? eg a sample espace (I like the other samples very much !, very useful )

Thanks, Kristiaan
Dear Kristiaan:

Here is an unofficial sample on how to use Microsoft Office Web Components to create a chart. It works but is not completly commented. We hope to promote it to official very soon.

Inside the web block preparation you have a list of the types of charts you can create.

In order to see these charts you need to have an activex installed on the browser machine that should download automatically when you view the page. If you wish to install it manually here is the URL -


If you have any doubts please feel free to ask.

Miguel Baltazar
Dear Miguel,

Thanks ! I've tested it, and it works.
Tommorrow I'll test the results with a query. It's not very nice that it's neccessary to have a comma seperated string, but tahs the interface from Microsoft I suppose.

Would be nice to have (for others) a more detailed sample espace, but this is a good start.

Best regards, Kristiaan
Kristiaan :

We are indeed in the process of creating a proper sample. I hope to release it very soon.

The comma separated values have to do with the way Office Web Components receive the data. If you wish you can change the parameter to a record list of a value structure and then convert to a comma string in the web block preparation.

Hi Kristiaan

There is an Espace FusionChart, that you can use, FusionCharts Free is a FREE flash charting component that can be used to render data-driven animated charts. .


I would suggest you to check this two components:

XLSTools => http://www.outsystems.com/networksolutions/projectdetail.aspx?projectid=17
FusionCharts => http://www.outsystems.com/networksolutions/projectdetail.aspx?projectid=83

best regards,
Luis Paulo Soares