How to view or edit ServiceCenter OML

How to view or edit ServiceCenter OML

When trying to open the Service Center OML I get the following message: ServiceCenter is not an editable OML file.
Hi Orlando,

Although the OutSystems Service Center is itself developed using OutSystems Service Studio, it is an integral part of the OutSystems Hub Edition.

For this reason, OutSystems is responsible for its the development, maintenance and support. So, we protect this "special" eSpace to be edited or customized by end users of the system.

I hope you understand our policy. Nevertheless, if you or any other user is willing to edit it, OutSystems can provide you with a clone of the oml file, so that you can publish it and customize it as a separate eSpace in your Hub Server.

Thank you,

Carlos Alves
Or you could import the service center espace into an empty espace and then you could edit it. :)
Thanks Jan, a good idea but unfortunately service studio crashes when trying to import it.
mmm. ok. I've tried this before and it worked for me, maybe it was a bit older service studio version (not more than 2 months ago though). But it should work.
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the prompt reply and offer. Could you please send me the clone OML to my email account.