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Published on 1 Jun (yesterday) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 1 Jun (yesterday) by OutSystems R&D


I am using the Carousel component from Silk UI mobile with divs directly into the "carousel items" placeholder, but the information on my div is being displayed next to the div title instead of below (outside the component it works just fine). 

Is it mandatory to use a List inside the "Carousel Items" placeholder if we want dynamic content, or can I keep those divs but I am missing something?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Maria,

Are you using the last Carousel or the Deprecated? What is your Silk UI Mobile Version?

To use a list inside the Carousel, put a list on CarouselItems placeholder and deactivate the Animated items and Disable Virtualization. Take a look at the picture:

Each item on Carousel must be on a Container, or List Item or another pattern that you want.

To use without a list, i just need to put each item on a Container, or List Item or another pattern that you want.

Please, take a look the attach file, contains a simple example to help you.



I am using the last one, on OS10. I have done it as your second example, but mine has that odd behavior that I was trying to describe.

Any guess?


Could you send to me your example to see what's happening?


I can't send you the oml, but I can show it in these images:

The first div has the title "Details" and has text below (lighter grey, visible on the right image). The second div has the title "Client" and has a similar text below. 

Hope it helps...


I can't see the images well but I think I already know what is your problem. 

The carousel treats each element as a card and it looks like you have in the CarouselItems placeholder an element for Details and another for Client. What you have to do is put this all in a container and put it with fillparent.

You should get something like Carousel> CarouselItems> Container> Details and Client:

As in the picture above, this way you have 4 elements in the Carousel. Each Container is an element and the content you want to put should be this way.

I think this is the solution.


I wish that was the solution, but I already have my two items like that...