So, I already have a web server and a datacenter that controls everything. My question is:

If I consume my databases and my server resources(REST), but I build the app using OutSystems framework and its personal environment for development. There is a limitation of end-users? 

I mean, the app will use just the localstorage of the device, and send infos to an external DB through REST API(I'm talking about get and post requests, not Integration in OutSystems), because I'm not allow to access the DB directly, only through REST API.

I think that the answer is: "there is no limitation in this case", because its an apk calling a REST API of a web service, getting the reponse and working with it in the localstorage of the device. There is no OutSystems backend involved, I guess.


Hi Alan,

What you propose is in theory possible, but it's against the OutSystems policies. In order to execute actions in your app that has user-specific activities, you should use the User entity of the platform.

Hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


That's disappointing because my application ambient will not have internet connections, only an intranet locked space. I thought that the framework was completely free, and if I don't consume OutSystems Server Resources it will be okay, after all, there's no actual specific limit of users, just a recommendation to have less than 100 because of the share environment.