Uncaught Google API error in my app

Hey, as i am using Google map api in one of my application page and when i am trying to test in browser it shows me an uncaught js error in my <script> tag code that i have placed in an expression tag, is there any another method of placing an <script> or <link> tag in our html code either using Expression tag, and how to remove the error of google map api uncaught js error asap,

please resolve asap. 

Hi Adarsh,

What's the platform version you're using? Web or mobile? Are you using a forge component?

And can you explain better what do you mean by "it shows me an uncaught js error in my <script> tag code that i have placed in an expression tag"?



Hi, Martin

My Platform version is 10.0.609 , and for Web, And using a forge module i.e. Google Map, 

Well in my web application i want to integrate google map api without using an external Forge Module, so to integrate Google Map in my Application  i need to insert a <link> and a <script> tag in my <head> tag of the html of my web application, and a <script> tag below at the ending of <body> tag having a function that initializes my google map, 

So for this i need to know how to insert a <script> and a <link> tag at the starting and a <script> tag at the end of my body tag,

So when i am adding google script tag in my application using an expression tag i am getting an uncaught js error in my Application. 

Will you please explain step by step with an example.

Thank You


Hi Adarsh,

Instead of doing all that work that will be more confusing and harder to maintain, why don't you use the component Google Maps that already have all the methods wrapped and is supported and used by all the community?



Hey thank you for the suggestion but i want to add location point with circle or triangle, what is not possible in your google map,

Rather than API error, i want one more question  Q1. I f i will make 50 applications in OutSystem and now i am moving to another platform and want to move those 50 application to my new platform then whether is it possible or not in OutSystem??